Haunted Punch

I am a quixotic,
sacrosanct dance,
but my memory
is nothing but piles
of bootleg regret poetry.
The future is as elusive
as a 7th place trophy,
and your ego is a sucker punch
that feels like a hard kiss.
If I am to suffer like a fool,
let me do so gently
in a well worn haunted disguise.

Blackout poetry – Wingless

“Wingless female specimen of the queen/exempt from participation in society/blind workers erect/waiting upon pointed enemies/These wonderful structures/transported by the wind/are most curious and complicated/adapted in shape and size/to who is appropriate/well-turned/it rests upon the floor.”

Artists, writers, and creatives needed in North Jersey Art Show & Book Launch.

I have table space for artists and writers who would like to show/sell their work. Click here for more details. I hope to make this a regular event. 🙂

art show flyer