Long Time-No Post. New Poem. I need to get better at this ;) Here is what’s up.

I’m now working on a fantasy/paranormal novel along side my teacher novel. I have pieces on my FB page, but they can also be found in Wattpad – https://www.wattpad.com/user/TaraLesko 

Still plugging away at poetry, artwork, photography, and other musings. www.facebook.com/TaraAnnLesko  and www.etsy.com/shop/TheForgottenWord 

So for now, here is a more recent poem I hope you’ll enjoy…

This girl

I’m the girl you wanted to be, Tara  

but never could be. You were too busy throwing stones 

like one of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” children, 

carrying on as long as you weren’t the one getting hit.

I’m the girl who didn’t walk sidewalks barefoot

in egg-frying summers or wet autumns. 

I’m the girl who didn’t scream

when the rosebush beetles landed in her hair. 

I didn’t kill the mantis crawling up my leg

nor am I the one who welcomed hands 

up my baby-doll T-shirts and swallowed whiskey

to burn clean the early blooming. 

I am the girl who wrote poems 

on the days she skipped school. 

This girl folded the pages into tight triangles

and threw them at his heart. 

She said, “Excuse me, but love me.” 

instead of, “Excuse me, I’m sorry I’m here.” 

This girl in front of you insisted 

she stay the night instead of driving home at 2 am

after 30 seconds of tongue to folds 

prior to his 5 minute crescendo. 

This girl waited for him to mention this idea of love first. 

I knew when to stop writing about food and divorce.

I knew when to say when

to the men in the bars 

to the Cherry Coke and Moonshine 

to the pictures on the hard drive 

of women he thought would cushion the fall. 

This girl knew how to break the chains faster & cleaner 

with bolt-cutter words. She remembered 

to toss each link

by link 

by link 

by link 

into the acid baths of forgetting.  ~TAL 

One more thing! I just wanted to share some NJ vendor shows I will be participating in – for all of these I will be selling my jewelry, artwork, journals, photography, books, journal pages and much more. I’m also throwing in my DS products with Endless Xpressions and Sweet Minerals makeup. I’m trying to get into a regular routine of attending shows and getting these businesses rolling into something sustainable. Not to mention it’s all my pride and joy. Hope you can come on out if you’re near by and support so many excellent small businesses. It really is a great culture filled with people who want to make some sort of income off their passions.

www.endlessxpressions.com/#TALesko – this is truly a DS one-stop-shop at much lower prices, and if you want to try light, natural, long-lasting, sweat-resistant, complexion changing make up, check this out –  www.sweetminerals.com/TALesko

1. Semi-annual Vendor/Craft Fundraiser by Jefferson Twp. FD Ladies Auxiliary – May 5th from 10am – 3pm – 736 Rt. 15 S Lake Hopatcong, NJ 

2. Pequannock Street Fair – Downtown Pompton Plains – June 2nd – 11am – 5pm 

3. Rancocas Woods Craft & Antique Show – June 22nd – 10am-4pm – 208 Creek Road Mount Laurel, NJ
4. TENTATIVE – The Shoppes at Lafyette Village Pop Up Shop – July 13th – 10:00am – 4pm
5. The New York City Poetry Festival – Governers Island, New York, NY – July 27th & 28th – 11am – 6pm

For now I am off to Ireland and England for 9 days, so stay tuned for some blogs and killer pics.

~Wander in peace and in love, ~Tara

Artists, writers, and creatives needed in North Jersey Art Show & Book Launch.

I have table space for artists and writers who would like to show/sell their work. Click here for more details. I hope to make this a regular event. 🙂

art show flyer