The Forgotten Words Oracle deck project

Today is the last day for my Kickstarter to bring the printing of my oracle deck to life. Please see for “The Forgotten Words Oracle and other goodies”if you would like to support the project and get some great handmade stuff! #kickstarter #kickstarterproject #oraclecards


$124 and the first printing of The Forgotten Words Oracle will be in the works! Deadline is Wednesday. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤗 In the meantime, here is another excerpt from the guidebook. st/2E8O5h5


Photo taken near the rocky cliffs of Newport, Rhode Island

Some little, out of the ordinary things
happen when you take the time
to stand under a tree and look up
no matter the season.
A memory of a tall, heavenward entity
that came from a miniscule seed,
a curiosity about how old the tree may be,
a wish to see its insides and count its rings,
or an acceptance of the shelter and perspective
its arms provide.

Stop where you are, look up, and take a replenishing breath. This is not so much a “stop and smell the roses,” type of message. That implies you have to wait for the right moment or place to breathe in and out and take in your surroundings. This photo was taken on a clayish kind of day when the air was heavy with an early Spring dampness. The trees were perhaps not much to look at yet. But no matter where you are and what surrounds you, take a moment to acknowledge and admire the fact that any environment can be made beautiful in your eyes.

There is no right or wrong moment or place for repose. When we think we don’t have the time for peace and reflection, that’s when we need to breathe, reset, and find an ascending light, even under the grey barrenness.

Writing Prompt – Visit a favorite park, walking trail, or a massive tree in your own backyard. Stand, but preferably sit or lie, under your chosen tree and look up. After each deep breath you take, repeat, “Bring me back and shelter me,” as many times as you need to before answering this question. What inside me do I need to continue to feed and let grow, and what do I need to starve and let die?

Go where you are loved

Slowly but surely, I am writing my guidebook for my oracle/affirmation cards. Here is a little sample. Enjoy 🙂 ❤️✏️

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Go only where you are loved.

Photo taken at South Mountain Fairy Trail in Millburn, NJ

During a difficult transition in my life, when I was convinced I had lost my home after my first marriage ended, a young, gifted group counselor told us the word “home” names a place where the people who live there have to take you in when there’s no other place for you to go. Estranged husbands, wives, lovers, and friends don’t have to take you in when the world goes up in flames. But there is always someone who will shelter you without question or judgement.
This is about going home, but it may not be the home you think you want. It may be the home that deep down you know you need. You just haven’t realized it yet.
Leave the place where you may feel expendable or devalued. You are not an obligation. You are not convenient. That’s not how human beings should view the hearts and minds of others.
Go where you know you’re needed and wanted. Stay where you are loved despite all of your faults and poor decisions. That’s when you’ll be home.

Forthcoming Oracle/Affirmation Deck!

So I did a thing. I made my own affirmation/oracle card deck using my own artwork and photography. I just wanted to get a sense of who would consider getting this deck for yourself or somebody else. This is my only copy right now, and if I had more made I would have to sell them at $25. It’s a 42 card deck, though not all are pictured here (keeping the rest a surprise 🙂) and a digital guidebook with accompanying stories and poems is forthcoming. Let me know what you all think. 😊❤️🤩🌎💨🌊🔥🌹