I’m now on the Gram ;) and there’s a bunch of new handmade journals, postcards, and necklaces in my shop!

#taraannwatt -Instagram name

My Shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheForgottenWord My book

I feel like I say I’m going to keep all of my stuff up-to-date, but then I don’t, or I’m doing something else on another platform. It’s nuts, and I can’t keep up between teaching and being back in grad school. But here I am, a college-lifer, workaholic, writer/artist in between doing the best I can to stay committed to my creative pursuits. Thank you WordPress and all the WordPressers who try to follow me. You’ve all been very good to me. Love & light ❤️🍟🙏🏻 My shop😊 #creativity #art #writing #writerslife #time #books #etsy #instagram

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