Serotonin with a side of fries, please – mixed media, writings, crafts, random musings, art, & book excerpts

This page was my first and only baby. I’m not sure who reads my work and how many, and that’s okay. Numbers don’t do anything for me. I write and create to keep myself from jumping in front of a moving bus. But at the end of the day, every writer wants to be read, so I thank you for giving my work a chance. By all means, respond. I’d love to hear from readers in the comments and have meaningful or nonsensical conversations. Feel free to criticize, but if the criticism fails to be constructive or if it’s illogical, you will probably be ignored. Please believe that everyone has an amazing story to tell. I hope I can inspire you to find your way to tell it.  Look for me at,, or

Feel free to share your stuff in the   comments or just say what’s up.

“It’s lovely to know that the world cannot interfere with the inside of your head.” Frank McCourt


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